Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cole's handball cancels out Adebayor's opener

Spurs started the game well by constantly pressuring Chelsea defence until they scored a goal with Bale making his typical run and crossing low for Adebayor. Ball just went past Cech and landed on Adebayor's foot to give Spurs the lead.

Domination continued, but Chelsea had a few chances of their own. In 23' minute, after a clear handball by Ashley Cole, he assisted Sturridge in front of a goal while the players were expecting referee Webb to signal for a handball. Even though the ref was in a perfect position to spot the obvious handball, he did nothing and Chelsea equalized. Moments after Drogba showed his class by beating Tottenham defenders but was unlucky to see his shot smash the post.

After that, Spurs took control of the possession and made a lot of chances, but Chelsea played good defence, particularly Terry and Ferreira, who earlier replaced injured Ivanovic. I expected Bale to win the duel against Ferreira, but the Portuguese did quite well against Welshman, who was probably the best player on Tottenham side alongside King and Sandro.

Some might say that the result was fair, with both teams preforming at their best, but looking at the stats, I can't help but feel that Tottenham might have gotten a better result here, seeing as how dominant they were in possession.


  1. Don't forget the Adebayor 'offside' goal.

  2. Yeah, the referees always mess everything up. It was a clear handball, and Ade wasn't offside when he scored. What a dreadful performance by the ref. smh

  3. I'm with your brother, anything but Chelsea :P Adebayor is a great forward...
    Followed can't wait for more Tottenham news.

  4. Chelsea and Vilas Boas are the best in England

  5. I didnt think the result was fair th refs neeed to just let them play the gamne!
    -college speed