Monday, December 19, 2011

Defoe on his way out?

Euro 2012 is getting closer and many English players are anticipating the prospect of being selected by the manager Capello. Rooney will most certainly make the cut after his ban was appealed and reduced to two games.

But who will go alongside him? There are many candidates like Defoe, Bent, Sturridge, Zamora and I would never rule out Heskey, though he's a long shot.

Defoe has shown some fine form recently, though he's not been favored by Harry in the starting lineup. Clearly he was getting frustrated, at the age of 29, you would expect to get regular opportunities to pay, yet Defoe remains benched in favor of Adebayor and Van der Vaart.

Now Defoe has made it clear that he will wait no more. With January transfer window coming up, Defoe has set up ultimatum - play me or lose me.

There is no doubt he's a great striker with a great sense for goal, but can he really make the first eleven squad? Adebayor has been in great form, and you just can't bench someone like Van der Vaart. So what lies in future of Jermain? Few clubs have made interest in him during the summer, but he stayed in Spurs. But things are different now, he needs playing time if he's to win that spot for Euro 2012. QPR are considered favorites to snap him up in January, with Sunderland monitoring his situation.


  1. Can't wait to see how this plays out.

  2. It will be interesting to see each players' skills tested.

  3. i would love to see this!