Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Meet Stoke City - team with 5 goalkeepers and a butcher named Ryan

Yes, I know the game was 2 days ago, but I had my problems. Finals on my college...

Anyway, getting to a point, Spurs have dropped 3 points against Stoke and yet again I almost punched a hole in my screen while watching the game.

The way Stoke City plays is a shame for all of EPL. There were literally 4-5 handballs in their 16 yard box and not once did the referee point to the spot. I mean, you'd have to be literally a blind man to miss it all. First of all, goal that gave Stoke City the lead, clear handball by Peter Crouch. Did the linesman signal it? Of course not.

Though I agree Stoke deserved the lead at the break, because Spurs just couldn't match their aggressive play, in the second half, Tottenham deserved much, much more than they got.

There was a given penalty when Modric was brought down, simply because there was no question about it. Even the Stoke City players wouldn't protest, except for the crowd, but there you have it. Stoke City supporters took any chance to 'boo' their opposition, especially Modric, thinking Spurs didn't deserve that penalty.

As the game marched on, Stoke formed a 10-men defence, while Spurs began pushing forward, but whenever they made a chance, Shawcross would simply make a foul that ref would miss and it went on and on and on... just like every other game.

Shawcross was the one that broke the leg of Ramsey in two places, making him unavailable for almost a whole season for Arsenal. Did he get suspended? Of course not. Why? Because FA is a joke! He's out there, doing it again, just like his fellow long lost brother Nigel de Jong. Players like that make me sick. They're everything that's wrong with football, and were it up to me, they'd never play again.

So the game went on, Spurs continued attacking and creating chances, most notably when the ball struck Huth, I think, on the goal line, he defended with his hands. Yeah, I'm not even joking, protests began, but Stoke City man Chris Foy wouldn't hear of it. Action continued as Adebayor got the ball 2 yards on side, scoring a goal only to be judged offside by the linesman.

There were many other occasions where Stoke players used their hands to defend, and I don't mean Sorensen, I mean players.

The best part was when Kaboul went to the referee to tell him about the handball, not raising his voice, not using any curse words, just to make it clear to Foy how much he robbed his team, man of the game Chris pulls out a yellow card on Kaboul. Unbelievable! Moments after that, Kaboul commits a foul on the other side of the half, merely pushes Stoke City player and gets second yellow!

But wait, it gets better... why FA is a joke, you might ask yourself. Well, after a horrific display from this man calling himself the EPL referee, FA will take absolutely no action against him, allowing him to continue with his job next weekend on the Fulham - Bolton match. Fulham and Bolton fans, I'd say brace yourselves.


  1. It will be a tough game as usual up at Stoke. What a load ground as well! Should be a great game.

  2. rofl, that's nice

  3. Stoke is always a difficult fixture for any team. Just ask the likes of United, City, Liverpool, Arsenal, they have all struggles to get 3 points away to Stoke in the past.

  4. FA really needs to step their game up.