Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Magnificent Performance

We're officially on par with the rest of the EPL when it comes to game count, reaching our 20th game and 45th point. I don't imagine there was a single Yid who expected our point count to be this high after just 20 games, yet we're on par with Man Utd and only 3 points from the dream. Londoneers are far behind us, with Chelsea and Arsenal trailing by 8 and 9 points respectively, Spurs look like the top London side at this moment.

Performance against Everton was a joy to behold. Everton, as usual, has proved to be a tough opponent for us, but we were simply too good to be handled and grabbed our deserved win with goals from Lennon and Benoit Assou-Ekotto. Game started off with Saha almost scoring a goal with only 50 seconds gone. Everton had a few notable chances, but their forwards just weren't impressive tonight, with only 3 shots hitting the target tonight, easily denied by Friedel. We, on the other hand, kept pushing all night, Bale did his thing, but Everton defence was determined to hold on, that is, till the 35th minute when Baines made a fatal mistake allowing Lennon to get passed him and with a finish that took a deflection, Howard was beaten and Spurs were off.

Even though we were the dominant side, the possession of the ball wasn't on our side as much as we're used to it, which just goes to show how vital Parker actually is for us. Don't get me wrong, Livermore did a fantastic job out there, but Parker is just magical and he should be ready for the Wolves game, having barely missed out on Everton clash. As the game dragged on, there wasn't much going on, Everton kept pushing, but couldn't create anything troubling, as Dawson's comeback to the pitch was outstanding. He made sure Saha was given no space, while Kaboul looked a bit shaky on several occasions. In 63rd minute, simply out of nowhere, Benoit Assou-Ekotto took the ball, 40 yards out, smashed it pass Howard to send the stadium into ruptures. It was later seen that ball took a deflection from Cahill, but nevertheless, it was an absolute stunner. Then, as expected, Harry made some changes, took Adebayor and Lennon out of the game to give Pienaar and Pav a chance and we went on to record 14th win from 20 games this term.

With today's display, it really begs the question: Does Tottenham really need January funds? Though in my opinion, I would like to make a swap for some players, selling Pienaar, Bassong and Pavlyuchenko and bringing in Hoilett, Samba and Demba Ba. When you think about it, this is quite doable, seeing as how Blackburn are desperate to get out of the debt and Ba has a release clause attached to his contract, apparently, though suitors would have to be found for our unwanted trio. There we could get 3 top players without almost spending anything and the hunt for the title would look even more serious.


  1. I am glad that you guys are doing so well. Good luck in future games! Following too! Interesting blog!