Thursday, March 8, 2012

Both Defoe and Livermore need to be given a proper chance

A game to forget against United, no doubt about that, but something really good came out of it. Lets not forget the fact that we were undoubtedly the dominant side in the first half and the reason that was possible was due to the fact that Jake Livermore really left his heart out on the pitch and even though the dominant act was an obvious one, the tradition against Manchester United of bad results continued.

Even though Livermore was the star of the night, I would like to point out that Defoe was just as good and has shown Harry and all of us what we've been missing the whole night. Jake was all over the pitch, pointing out what we were lacking against Arsenal.

Defoe did something similar, pointed out what we lacked to convert our chances into goals with an energetic display and a world-class finish, when he did just what he intended to do, when he was given space by the disorganized United defence. A lot of our attacking play is based on counter-attacks, so we need sharp strikers like Defoe, who are a menace for any defence. Saha had a dream debut, but has not shown much since, except a lucky goal against Arsenal, and in my opinion, is our third striker and should occupy the bench as long as Defoe is available, since he was brought in to fill the void left by the departing Russian.


  1. Why are you deleting my post? You obviously can't take criticism. Your blogs are just the regurgitated comments of the less informed football journalists who do not actually know anything about football.

    Livermore has had a great season for a young player. The fact that he had a great game against Manchester United does not mean he should start ahead of Scott Parker, arguably the defensive midfielder of the season in the Premier League. Livermore doesn't have the same capacity to shut down an opposition's attack. You should start reading Zonal Marking and try to learn from him, he'll teach you a bit about tactics.

    Also, counter-attacking football does NOT rely on a 'sharp striker' It relies on effective link-up play between the defensive part of your time, and swift, attacking players. Counter-attacking football is the least reliant on good finishing, as the idea is it takes the defence out of the equation. Both Saha & Adebayor are large, physical presences in the box, who can take down balls from Bale/Lennon and are reliable to finish.

    We also don't play counter-attacking football. We play high-tempo, direct, attacking football. I have no problem with people learning to blog, but you need to think more about what you're saying. Ask ANY Premier League manager who would start out of arguably our Player-of-the-Season Parker, or young-and-in-form-Jake Livermore.

    Defoe's statistic as the most goals in Prem History from the bench highlights his ability to crack open a tough defence, not to add an aspect to a counter-attacking display. I love Jermain, but he's not good at counter-attacking, and except for an excellent finish, which doesn't constitute a 'menace for any defence', he is a one-trick pony. Adebayor and Saha are both menaces to an opposing defence due to clever movement, which tires and drags defenders out of position to allow for surges from midfield and the wings.

    If you can't take criticism, don't post to the internet.

    1. To Will

      You make some very valid points (although you seem emotionally compromised) that I generally agree with. You seem intelligent so don't let the anger get the better of you.

      "Counter attacking football is the least reliant on good finishing?!" - errrr

      "We don't play counter-attacking football?!"
      - I don't want to insult, but this seems like a straight up, incorrect statement. I think we've played a lot of counter-attacking football successfully this season. Bale and Lennon come to mind.......

      " excellent finish, which doesn't constitute a 'menace for any defence'" - erm yeah, yeah it does. I'm presuming that you belive a big, strong striker is more of a problem for a defence than one who can finish well?

      Anyway, I'm not hating. I love Spurs debate. Just nit-picking your nit-pickings.

      Hope you can take criticism.....