Sunday, November 27, 2011

How vital Modric actually is for Spurs

Last game Spurs played against WBA, Modric was missing from the team sheet. There were no news day before that he could miss the game, so I was a bit surprised to see the lineup without him. Redknapp later confirmed Luka was out with a cold, so he decided to let him off.

Tottenham played an abysmal first half with WBA controlling most of the game and winning the midfield battle, even though Spurs had both Parker and Sandro in the middle. It was clear that something was missing, someone to be more precise.

Modric was much needed in the middle during the first half, as Spurs struggled to make any chances. Luckily, Lennon made a great run and earned a penalty which saw Spurs go into the dressing room tied 1:1.

In the second half, Parker took the responsibility of a playmaker and Spurs somehow managed to bag to goals at the end of the game.

Throughout the whole game, I must say, Spurs just weren't the better side and the only reason they won was pure luck and a great individual class shown by Defoe. When playing Aston Villa week before, Spurs dominated the game and result could have been 5:0 easily, but a 2:0 is always a satisfying result. The reason Tottenham was able to dominate the game was the domination in midfield, clearly due to the workrate from both Modric and Parker, but it appears as Modric was vital for Spurs that game, with his technique and great ball control. Honestly, when have you seen him loose a ball? If he can't play it to anyone, he can easily dribble pass the opponents and always looks to find the best solution, and it seems as lately he improved his shooting. Remember the screamer against Liverpool in the 4:0 thrashing at White Hart Lane? He started it off with a brilliant right-foot effort from more than 20 yards.

How right was Levy not to let him go, and I'm hoping he'll sign a new deal soon which will see him earn 100,000 pounds a week, a sum a player of his caliber clearly deserves.


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