Thursday, November 24, 2011

Will Tottenham's great run continue after WBA match?

Tottenham Hotspur are a guest team at West Brom Albion on Saturday 15:00 Greenwich time, and are made favorites for this match at odds on their side (1.9), though it is known that Spurs are always having a tough time outside of White Hart Lane.

New signings Parker and Adebayor have been in a magnificent form since joining the side in summer, with Ade scoring 2 goals against Aston Villa at home last Monday to provide Spurs yet another victory to push them to 3rd place of EPL.

Form has been great throughout the team, with Kaboul making a real step forward as a much needed central defender. Also, I'd like to point out that Lennon really impressed me last game with his willingness in attack, he seems more motivated this term and I really hope to see the old Lennon back on Spurs. Form of Spurs stars Bale and Modric is unquestionable, though I'm not satisfied with last performance Van der Vaart put in, not sure if its formation, but he seemed out of form last game. Hopefully, Redknapp will find a solution for him, but at the moment, Defoe seems like a better option in attack in my opinion.


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